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Wally Fry - CEO Fry's Family Food - Ethical Futures Magazine

Erl Happ of Happs Winery - Ethical Futures Magazine

Interview with Grey2K’s Christine Dorchak and Carey Theil by Katrina Fox

Businesses, entrepreneurs and leaders face unprecedented challenges to their leadership operations. The rate of change, workforce generational differences and technology, combined with consumer awareness, means more than ever that business leaders must re-examine their practices and be fully appraised of the effect of their leadership style.

Where social media can damage an organisation’s reputation overnight, business leaders must embrace ethical leadership and transparency in their strategic planning. In doing so, they give themselves a competitive edge, protect their brand and maintain market position.

Consumers are well informed, have wider choice and increasingly demand products that are ethically manufactured. Consumers, employees and suppliers no longer wish to work for organisations that pollute the environment or abuse people.

Ethical Futures is for business and thought leaders to provide the tools, strategies and techniques to embrace ethical leadership in today’s organisations. Essential reading for senior executives in large corporations as well as small-to-medium businesses.

Published by Communicate 31, a communications consultancy that specialises in conscious and collaborative leadership, each issue features engaging interviews, profiles, columns and articles exploring practical solutions to ethical issues in the workplace.

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